Notary public and lawyers

When working with our clients to achieve their objectives or assisting them in avoiding unnecessary conflict, we always strive to find cost efficient solutions whilst seeking to uphold their rights. We use the most modern means of communication incorporating web-based client access through secure servers.

Albert Sommerfeld


was born in Soest in 1952, studied law at Hamburg and Freiburg universities and after completing his bar exams began practicing as a lawyer in South-West Germany. After completing a period of two and a half years at a development NGO in West and Central Africa he returned to Germany in 1983 to continue his legal career as a lawyer practicing in Soest. Albert also qualified as a notary public admitted in North-Rhein Westfalia in 1989.

Albert is fluent in German, English and French and has conversational levels of Swedish and Spanish. His area of expertise includes civil law including contract and tort, criminal defence work, administrative, social security, immigration and refugee law. He is on the list of defence counsel of the International Criminal Court and other international courts.

Rudolf Heisiep


was born in Arnsberg in 1964. He studied law at Münster and Bonn universities and is practicing as a lawyer in Soest since 1997.

Rudolf is fluent in German and English. Rudolf’s areas of expertise include all areas of civil law cases including contract and tort. Also covered are road traffic accidents and other misdemeanours.
Rudolf also qualified as a notary public admitted in North-Rhein Westfalia in 2016.

Heinz-S. Gosmann


was born in Dortmund in 1961. He studied law at Marburg and Berlin universities and has practiced as a lawyer in Hamburg and Erfurt. Heinz is practicing in Soest since 1997.

Heinz speaks German, English and French fluently. His main areas of expertise include criminal defence work, advising on employment and social security law.